Side-loading Vortimo extension into Chrome

With Google taking it’s sweet time to approve Vortimo Beta4 we thought we’d show you how to install by side-loading the extension. If you are worried that we do nasty things in the extension’s code (hey… you shouldn’t trust anyone) you can browse through the code yourself. Step 0: If you haven’t done so –Continue reading “Side-loading Vortimo extension into Chrome”

Beta 4 is good to go…(as soon as Google OKs it)

Update 2020/02/25– STILL waiting for Google. We wrote a little article on how to sideload the Vortimo extension if, like us, you’re tired of waiting. Update 2020/02/20– waiting for Google to do another review. As soon as it’s published we will include download link. [Internal Version c07ae02]. After about 4 months of silence we’re finallyContinue reading “Beta 4 is good to go…(as soon as Google OKs it)”

Vortimo Tutorial on Test Cricket

In the lastest episode of OSINTCurious one of the participants (Nico – think it was you! ) said that Vortimo needs a bit of a tutorial because it had ‘many buttons’ and looked complex. 🙂 And uhmm – he was using Beta 2. So….. Since we’re releasing Beta 3 today (again – I know) IContinue reading “Vortimo Tutorial on Test Cricket”

Launching Vortimo (again / for real this time)

Great news! Google has reviewed the extension and – surprise surprise – came to the conclusion that it’s not malware. They also gave us an A+ for logo design (they did not). It means that we are all good to (re)release Vortimo Beta 3. The Beta 3 web page has been updated – the ChromeContinue reading “Launching Vortimo (again / for real this time)”

(Not) launching Vortimo

We launched Vortimo Beta 3 yesterday – after 10 months of development. But, it turns out that Google had other plans. They marked the Chrome extension as ‘suspect’ – as they should have – we obviously require mad permissions: If you have the old Beta 2 extension installed and the Beta 3 server running everythingContinue reading “(Not) launching Vortimo”

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